backbend inversional flow

one night at home

handstand to eka pada galavasana

sister assisted face-plant

funky side crow transition

fallen angel transition

pincha mayurasana to baby bakasana

handstand to urdhva kukutasana

toe-tap press to handstand

grasshopper to yogi dandasana

handstand to eka pada koundinyasana II

bakasana to handstand

hardest thing ever

fancy pants transition

inversional flow with notes of the primary series

primary series time-lapse

jump into eka pada koundinyasana II

jump-through with chakrasana


parsva kukutasana

jump into ashtavakrasana

jump into bakasana

jump > bakasana > toe-tap > handstand

mayruasana behind malaysian embassy

piper for the win


snow time like the present