I grew up with the practice...

starting my journey into yoga at 12 years old. Anxiety over an upcoming math test prompted me to join my mother in her nightly Yoga Zone VHS ritual, and I instantly connected with how the practice made me feel: energized yet calm. Even though I failed the exam miserably, those nights of down dog in the basement took me down a road I've been enthusiastically pursuing since.

I've studied with Sharon Gannon and David life, earning a 300-hr Jivamukti Yoga certification in 2010, and delved into the world of vinyasa flow through Seane Corn’s teacher training intensive in 2012. I continued my education last year in Kathryn Budig and Gina Caputo's 200-hr, highly transformative and fun Aim True Teacher Training. Currently I practice ashtanga yoga which I've learned from my teachers, the Ashtanga Dispatch duo, Jen René and Peg Mulqueen.

In addition to my yoga education I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), graduating with a graphic design degree in 2011. Design, much like yoga, is a process in taking elements that appear separate and organizing them into a unified piece to relay a message or evoke a feeling. My work in art has encouraged me to become a problem solver, a quality which I bring into the poses, practice and classes I teach.

I am privileged to share my love for yoga in the Southeastern United States through classes, workshops, teacher training modules, and lectures. The pursuit of fun, fearlessness, and a deep understanding of the self has always fueled my practice which I aim to playfully present to my students. It is my highest hope that through my teaching practitioners come to accept and integrate all versions of themselves that they meet on the mat while realizing their self-worth.